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Steve Kimock Crazy Engine Live at FTC Stage One on 2009-04-17

d1t01 - Announcements/Tuning
d1t02 - Cole's Law ->
d1t03 - Tangled Hangers
d1t04 - Many Rivers To Cross
d1t05 - Crazy Engine
d1t06 - Five B4 Funk
d1t07 - Que Sera Sera
d1t08 - Band Intro's

d2t01 - Crowd/Tuning
d2t02 - Ice Cream
d2t03 - While We Wait
d2t04 - Me And The Devil
d2t05 - Footprints
d3t01 - One For The Brother
d3t02 - Stella Blue
d3t03 - It's Your Thing
d3t04 - Intro's/Crowd

d3t05 - Why Can't We Be Friends

Collection SteveKimockCrazyEngine
Band/Artist Steve Kimock Crazy Engine
Venue FTC Stage One
Location Fairfield, CT

Source akg391> R-44 concert mod@2448 RowH DFC@5ft
Lineage SDHC>PC>wav editor>r8brain>cdwav>TLH>flac16
Taped by johnD


Steve Kimock - Guitars, Lap Steel
Melvin Seals - Hammond B3, Keys, Vocals
John Kimock - Drums
Janis Wallin - Bass
Cheryl Rucker - Vocals
Shirley Starks – Vocals


Reviewer: AndyBear - - January 7, 2011
Subject: simply gorgeous
Wow, this is a great show...some amazing work by Steve K this evening - he just makes the guitar sing, squeal, speak and truly emote. Some people have that connection from heart-strings to the fingers on the frets - and SK is one of them. The Stella Blue is awe inspiring, the Tangled Hangers is better then normal (and even normal is quite impressive) and the Ice Cream Factory, as promised in the review already posted, will subtley rip your face off with its dosed intensity....
Reviewer: Wally Gator - - August 7, 2009
Subject: Ice Cream Factory
Ice Cream Factory is Sooooooo Psychedelic!!! Some of the best work I've heard. Very quickly, you're going to say to yourslf, "OMG!" or maybe "OMFinG!" A good Tangled Hangers as well! I don't know of another guitarist that can come close to touching this stuff.
Reviewer: cosmicsteven - - May 19, 2009
Subject: SUPERB JAM!!
I will forever remember and carry the feelings from this show that the music generated. I sat 3 rows to the inside center in front of Melvin and watched this show. Nothing short of 6STAR spectacular! The intertwining grooves/jazz/rock fusion that mesmorized me was as intense as a GD times, even more so. Very tight yet explorative...great combination! I was impressed with everyone's playing. They really earned their pay. Even though I have been a Steve Kimock fan for about 12 years, I was really impressed by Janis's Bass skills. Hats off to ya Janis! Keep up the great work! Anycase, 6STAR, OUTSTANDING version of STELLA BLUE on the doubleneck lap guitar by Steve brought me to tears. Great build up of notes and note holding! I could feel it all rise inside my spirit and make me feel the people I miss. I especially loved the whole group bringing the tempos and intensity up from a low starting point to an explosion of just let it all loose, you know, hips shaken, foots stompin, hands in the air! WOW! The energy from this show lasted me until I saw the DEAD play up at Worcester! Out of sight! KEEP ON TRUCKIN, KEEP ON JAMMIN!
cosmicsteven in fairfield
Reviewer: mhughey - - April 25, 2009
Subject: Nice show, nice capture
Smooth, accurate and musical. Fine capture of a wonderful performance.
Reviewer: datmike - - April 25, 2009
Subject: Super-smooth!
Great of the best so far...right behind my Bend, Oregon recording, of course!! :-)

Nice to see the shows getting longer, too.
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Steve Kimock Crazy Engine
by Steve Kimock Crazy Engine
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Steve Kimock Crazy Engine
by Steve Kimock Crazy Engine
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Steve Kimock Crazy Engine
by Steve Kimock Crazy Engine
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Steve Kimock Crazy Engine
by Steve Kimock Crazy Engine
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